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Building Insights, Driving Outcomes

A great coach helps you connect customers to your vision

By working virtually with your team, discarding the consulting contract, and focusing on delivering results and new skills, CoachingUP makes the most of your time and money runway.

CoachingUP believes everyone can innovate

Because we've seen it. Because the business of innovation boils down to three key competencies:
  1. Behaviors: from customer behavior observation to synthesizing valuable new insights to testing assumptions of new opportunity spaces.
  2. Tools: from visual management of team learning to building the right fidelity of your prototype.
  3. Connecting to customer outcomes: looking past solutions to drive real value to the job your customer is trying to accomplish.
A great coach helps teams excel at all three. What can a coach do for a team?

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Why CoachingUP? What should you expect?

Hiring consultant coaches to work with your team is expensive and often requires long-term commitments. That's a big risk to take. CoachingUP cuts to the chase. Our relationship is one hour at a time. We cut out the travel expense by being working with you virtually with tools like Google Meet, Zoom, Teams, or Slack. If it's bringing you value, then we'll spend another hour together. If not, we agree to move on and see other people. Or maybe you decide that you want a longer-term relationship. We can help you with that too. But let's just be friends for now...

Start with a free 15-minute consult--- kind of like speed-dating. Fill out the contact form and we'll get right back to you to set up a time. We'll talk about your vision, how to better understand your customer, and the challenges you face. Then we'll talk about the areas that a coach might help accelerate your learning and reduce your risk by employing the right tactics; saving valuable runway and giving you the best chance at success! Subsequent sessions will focus on your most immediate needs; delivering just-in-time training or facilitated team activities that will speed your team to your most important learning objectives.

As we build our relationship, we'll follow The Innovation Path. It codifies the milestones of innovation and is itself a powerful tool. Answering the questions it asks and staying true to the ordered discipline it provides will help your team identify bias, reduce risk, and increase your learning velocity. It doesn't guarantee that your idea will be a success, but it does provide the framework to learn about your idea as quickly as possible. And even if your idea ends up missing the mark, The Innovation Path gives you the opportunity to pivot. Tell me more...

Who can a great coach help?

check mark circled icon Non-profits/Governments
check mark circled icon Startups/New business ideas
check mark circled icon Corporate innovation teams
Every team has a runway. For startups, it's capital. Governments and non-profits are constrained by budgets and the changing winds of politics or social imperatives. And if you're trying to start a business, it all comes down to getting the most out the crumbs of time left over from your current jobs and responsibilities.

But we all have one thing in common: we have to solve for our customer's problem with the resources at hand. Who's a customer? We all have one. It's that person that we are responsible for driving value to. Be it a constituent, disadvantaged youth, busy parents on the go, or a internal corporate partner struggling with an outdated system--- your customer knows what their outcome looks like; your job is to provide them a clear and easy path to achieve it.

As my customer, we will help you and your team to shorten the path to learning. A great coach helps teams see the big picture and focus on what matters.
Reach out!

Together, we can help connect your vision to high-value customer outcomes

Coaching Session Options

3 hour mentoring plan ($300.00)

30 min session ($69.99)

60 min session ($99.99)

90 min session ($149.99)


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