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Is CoachingUP right for me?

Are you:
  • Pursuing a startup idea and in need of a better understanding of your customer, their problem, and how your solution drives your customer's outcomes?
  • Trying to start a business, but are unsure of key parts of your business model?
  • A corporate intrapreneur, asked to get people thinking in new ways, trying new tactics, or otherwise responsible for driving innovation at your company?
  • In a non-profit and having a hard time understanding how your work connects to the outcomes of your donors?
  • Working in a government setting, up against decades of processes that need to be reimagined?
  • In any setting, needing to understand the creation of new value for an end user or customer?
If so, CoachingUP can help you breathe life into your work. Using The Innovation Path, your CoachingUP coach will help you cut through the distractions and focus on what truly matters to your customer. By employing alternating cycles of divergent (broad) and convergent (narrow) activities, your coach will help you stay on course.

The Innovation Path:

  1. Idea clarification, refinement, and scoping: we'll help you to narrow your focus on a compelling vision.
  2. Customer selection: who is the narrow, early-adopter customer that will teach you about your value proposition the fastest?
  3. Customer observation: what does your customer say, think, feel, and do in the context of their problem, passion, or job-to-be-done?
  4. Customer insights: why does your customer say, think, feel, and do what they do--- and how do we know?
  5. Opportunities: if our insights are correct, what opportunity spaces are there to deliver our value proposition?
  6. Risks and assumptions: what conditions and customer behaviors must exist to be able to deliver that value--- and how do we prioritize them?
  7. Behavioral experiments: how can we test the key assumptions/risks with real customers that reduces the risk of the path ahead?
  8. MVP: how will we use what we've learned from our customer to build the simplest thing to test our value proposition?
  9. Iteration to scale: how do we keep folding in customer learnings to iteratively build our product?

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